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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Jenna Glatzer confirms a few details

A lot of the coverage I've posted of the Barbara Bauer scandal after my initial post has merely been charting the progress of the shock wave through the blogosphere. There were some very amusing ways other bloggers picked up on it, such as Miss Snark's tirade called "Hey, Barbara Bauer, Put Up or Shut Up!", but not many new developments in the case itself. This time I have a little bit of real news. At the start of things, all we had to go on for certain was some posts in the forum that vanished and were only available to memory. The characters directly involved - the hosting company, Jenna, and Barbara - had not commented on the issue. Then the hosting company stated that yes, Barbara Bauer did send them a letter requesting they take Absolute Write offline.

Now, Jenna Glatzer has confirmed this too. She has found the actual text of the fax that JC Hosting received, and posted an excerpt. Given that Barb has a history of making bogus threats at anybody who criticizes her and how Jenna has been very careful about consulting a lawyer and watching what she says, I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't post anything on her blog about the closing of Absolute Write that she would not say under oath in a court of law.

This leaves only one of the principle actors without a public comment on the matter, and that would be Barbara Bauer herself. Just for giggles, I actually tried to email her and see if she would confirm or deny whether she lodged the complaint. So far she has not written back, and it wouldn't surprise me if she is getting far more nastygrams and spam from having Absolute Write pulled than having her email address posted there.So I will have to end this with a line I am certain you are all too familiar with from print journalism: Barbara Bauer could not be reached for comment.

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I can't wait to see if she writes back.
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