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Monday, September 19, 2005


Junkyard findings

Went to Pull-A-Part this Saturday in search of a few of those little parts for the EFI conversion. Most of it was basic fasteners and connectors, but other do it yourself EFI people might find some of the things I've found very useful.

First is a fuel pressure regulator from a Nissan 280ZX. This one lends itself very easily to do it yourself installations, since it has rubber hose fittings all around instead of connections meant especially for one fuel rail. Just run the fuel line downstream of the fuel rail into the upper hose inlet, and run a line from the lower hose inlet to the return line. There's a vacuum hose on the top to connect to manifold vacuum. I also noticed that Nissan's four banger NAPS-Z engine uses a nearly identical regulator, in case the junkyard vultures have picked the supply of Z-car regulators clean. It looks about as easy to install but is a little more awkward to remove. Most of the ones at Pull-A-Part were missing their regulators, but luckily they had enough still there that I could find one for my project.

The other item I picked up is a Toyota injector resistor pack. It looks like an aluminum box with fins, about the size of a pack of cigarettes. I found mine on a Cressida, but many '80s Toyotas used these. Use one if you have an ECU meant for high impedance injectors but want to run low impedance ones. To wire one in, connect the black and red wire to a 12V source, power half the injectors with the white wire with a black stripe, and power the other half with the yellow wire with the black stripe. I bought mine because I didn't feel like wiring up a flyback board for Megasquirt, but this may work with some factory ECU's as well.

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