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Monday, March 31, 2008


Just a reminder...

My side blog project, Motorcycle 4 A Month, kicks off my section of the project tomorrow. I'll be exploring a complete month of motorcycle commuting.


Saturday, March 22, 2008


Got the Dart back, and I'm making a to-do list

AutoFab had built a downpipe and an up-pipe for the turbo, and welded an elbow to the intercooler. But there's a lot more work to be done, so I'll make a list.

So there's a fair amount of work to do, but it can be broken down into smaller steps. I'm starting on the flipped throttle body mount right now. It's like the old joke about how to eat an elephant. I'll be posting each bite here.


Monday, March 17, 2008


A beautiful essay

I hadn't heard of the Hoopty Rides blog before, but when I found a link to one of their posts on CarJunkie Forums, I had to pass this on. Check out this composition, All Hail the Ragged Edge. Mister Jalopy puts together a very interesting tribute to the history of hot rodding and the mechanical creativity behind it. Definitely worth a read.


Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'll be getting the Dart back next week.

Unfortunately, it won't be running. AutoFab has been kind of swamped with a couple other projects - some of which Jerry and I also had a hand in - and hasn't had time to work on it. So I talked with Thomas at AutoFab, and I'll be paying them for the work they have done so far. Then we'll push it over to DIYAutoTune.com were I can complete the rest of the work after hours.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Another project of mine

Motorcycle 4 A Month, a blog I'm starting about motorcycle commuting. My goal is to ride my bike to work every day for a week this April and document it.



A Dart update?

I've been helping AutoFab get two other projects wrapped up, which involved riding around in a turbo M6 with a giant gauge strapped to the windshield wipers to try to figure out a weird fuel cut-off, and some other stories. They're pretty intent on getting to work on the Dart as soon as these are out of the shop, and that won't be long.

So I've gone and ordered some new supplies from my favorite supplier of parts that aren't supposed to be speed parts but somehow get used that way, McMaster-Carr. This time I've ordered some Schedule 40 aluminum water pipe. A lot of cars have sewer pipe exhausts, so I thought I'd try a sewer pipe intake.

Well, not really. But Thomas and I have decided the intake elbow design needs some revision. It was pointing at the driver's side and we want to move it to the passenger side so the charge pipe goes over the valve cover. To do this, we'll cut the flanges off the adapter that's on there now, and weld this water pipe in there instead.


Saturday, March 01, 2008


So, what does it take to remove a Bose stereo?

I replaced the head unit in the 1986 Corvette using a Metra adapter kit, which got my CD player to look, if not like a factory installation, at least like what a decent car audio place would do. I also wired up a set of Sony Xplod 5 1/4" speakers and got them to fit behind the front speaker grilles. Right now the rear speakers are disconnected - I have a set of cheap 6 x 9 ovals I'll later add for rear fill.

It seems there are a couple myths about what it takes to replace a Bose system. You don't have to rewire the car. You also don't have to take the door panels off - something I only found out after I'd removed one and found it didn't help. I was trying to remove the Bose amps from the door. That would require completely disassembling the door. So I found that instead, you can reach into the Bose speaker box and cut the wires to the amp, then grab the stereo wires there. Makes things a lot easier. Now I just have to deal with some of the aftermath about taking the door panel apart - it's not as easy to get it back together.


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