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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Just a minor update

I know, I should be updating this blog more, but my book has been getting more of the writing time. Here are some things I've recently been up to:

Fabricating an intercooler mount for the Dart. However, it's been getting less time and money because my other two cars have been grabbing that recently.

Had the Civic's AC refuse to cooperate on a long driving vacation. It's now been fixed - I hope - but it's still not super-cold. Then again, a lot of the early R134 designs were barely adequate.

Replaced the Ram 50's shocks and idler arm. The idler arm was almost shot, which explained the scary steering.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Autocross pictures of the Civic

Perry Bennet snapped a few pictures of my Civic at an autocross last Saturday, including this action shot. You can see more pictures in this gallery.


Monday, August 11, 2008


Automotive Badvertising

A while ago, I poked fun at Chevy for their rather creepy Super Bowl ad that appeared to be saying, "Hey, ladies, buy an HHR and you'll get mobbed by pervy-looking guys at every stoplight!" Well, for the Olympics, they've been running an even worse ad. The ad opens with a bunch of thought bubbles coming from gridlocked traffic, people thinking about how much they'd like to get more miles per gallon. Then it cuts to a Chevrolet showroom, and we find it's an add for...

The Avalanche, Tahoe, and Suburban! And they state the deals don't apply to the Tahoe Hybrid, either. The only way I could see an ad tying together those two halves would be if they said, "Well, if you're not one of these guys stuck in traffic, we have an incredible deal since nobody's buying these!" The media has been picking on GM for concentrating on trucks and failing to deliver enough small cars as it is.

This has got to be the second most clueless thing I've seen on TV during the Olympics. Luckily for GM, they'll have a hard time topping the number one contender, with the Chinese government at once proclaiming, "We're proud to be a totalitarian regime!" and "We have no idea how silly it looks to walk like this!" I'm speaking, of course, of their decision to start things off with a public display of goose stepping soldiers.

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