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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Removing stickers

Spent a bit of time removing parking stickers from my wife's Pathfinder, so I thought I'd post a Tech Tidbit on tips that make sticker removal easier. First, heat it as hot as you can stand, using a hair drier to soften the glue. Then you can peel it off. If it's on a window, you can make things easier by scraping it off with a butter knife, but on painted metal, a knife can scratch the paint. A credit card or plastic putty knife can be useful for removing stickers from painted metal.

Once that's off, you will just be left with a sticky, gooey mess. I normally use Goo Gone and a rag to scrub this off, but there's a few other adhesive removers that will work just as well. Keep in mind that anything that gets bumper sticker adhesive off will also take off wax.

Can I come over and have you help me with my 2003 Mustang? :-)

Just wanted to pop in and let you know I was reading.
Hey, thanks for stopping by! Did an annoying used car dealer deface your Mustang with his logo or something? I hate it when that happens.

My Focus came with a sticker for LOU SOBH FORD. I was tempted to change it to say "YOU S.O.B. FORD" but I wasn't particularly irritated with the dealership.
Lol! No, not dealer stickers. They left the back of the car pristine.

However, Ford decided that the front AC vents didn't have to hold together for more than 12 months.

The things just crack at the seams and fall out of the console. They've been replaced twice and the latest set just cracked and fell out. grrr.

We've also got a '65 mustang hardtop in need of work in the garage.
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