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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Dubious product of the month

And the award for "Most irrational operating principle for a questionable gas mileage enhancing gadget" goes to...

The Bio-Pro QX-3 Econo Fuel Chip by Fuel Chief!

It's hard to start about what is wrong with this explanation - I haven't seen such a bizarre butchery of physics since I found Dr. Gene Ray's Time Cube. They are claiming that it provides energy by sending photons into the gas tank. Now, photons are the carriers of light waves, so whether it emits photons should be easily tested. Two obvious questions:

1. Does the Fuel Chip emit light if you put it in a darkened room?
2. Does the light shine through a gas tank?

Even if its operating principle didn't break so many laws of physics, the product they sell doesn't even seem to match its own operating principle! If you wanted a device to supply your fuel with photons, I'd think a light bulb and a clear stretch of fuel line would be the way to test out this theory. Not putting stickers on an opaque gas tank!

But I think this may be my favorite line about these products:

"While the QX-3’s adhesive is strong, we recommend using super glue to securely attach the QX-3 to the gas-tank."

So they didn't even bother to make them with the right glue to stay in place for their intended use.

I've seen dozens of websites pedaling dubious automotive products, but this takes the cake.

Oh drat. Now I have to take back that tube of super glue and all those stickers. ;-)

OR maybe I could turn my muffler into a photon torpedo launcher with them...hmmm. What a great tailgater deterrant.
sorry for the second post - I'm trying out the coComment system and forgot to click on it before I posted. Hope you don't mind.
I just purchased a fuel saving device which is a throttle body spacer. I have seen increased fuel efficiency and there are no outlandish claims from the maker.
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