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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Dart post index

This 1966 Dodge Dart was my first car, and one that I can't seem to stop trying to modify. I started this blog in the middle of a fuel injection installation. Here are the posts relating to the Dart.

Introducing the Dart
Junkyard parts from unusual sources
Manifold issues
EFI wiring harness
Injector cleaning (with a few distractions)
Oops, I grabbed the wrong connectors
More about tricky Toyota connectors - as used on the Dart
Wideband O2 sensor, and introducing the surge tank
World's ugliest air intake plumbing
Fuel pressure regulator, installed
Ford fuel pump adapter
Fuel line issues
Even more fuel line issues
Fuel lines in the engine compartment
Surge tank
Bracket for the fuel pump
The fuel pump on the car
To-Do List
Throttle linkage ideas
Throttle linkage bracket fabrication
Where to put a surge tank?
Removing the gas tank
Vacuum line routing
Alternator wire upgrade
A new fuel pressure regulator (See pictures here)
Dealing with Megasquirt resets
August 31,2006 - got the injected slant six running
The Dart emerges from the garage - with pictures
A HEI ignition and a Lean Burn distributor (And a short postscript)
A trip to the tire store
The Dart's new exhaust
How much did it cost?
The radiator springs a leak


I listen to Car Talk most Saturdays - didn't one of them have a Dodge Dart? Must be one of those car lover's cars :-)
Yeah, I like listening to them too. Tom used to have a '63 Dart convertable, but his son wrecked it and he replaced it with an MG. I learned a fair amount of things about how to maintain my Dart from their website, in fact.
I love what you are doing with your dart. I have a 69 valiant that I am putting back on the road because of gas costs. I want to turbo and efi my slant six so I will be watching your progress. btw. I live in North Georgia - do you live near covington?
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