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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Fuel line work

Spent a couple hours today working on the Dart's fuel lines. Sometimes this seems like it's three steps forward and two steps backward each time I do this. But at least I feel I've learned a few things:

1. If you want to run a section of steel line through a crossmember and connect both ends to aluminum lines, don't pick a section of steel just barely long enough to go through the crossmember. You won't have much room to use your flaring tool on the ends.

2. 1/2" conduit hangers make a good support for -6 AN hose. They need a little bending to get them to clamp it tightly, but they hold the hose off the sheet metal so it won't rub against that and wear through it.

3. Using these conduit clamps on the AN hose also means that you will help isolate your metal fuel lines from vibration. Hoses are meant to take vibration; hard line isn't.


You make me miss my Volso 240.
eesh. I meant VOLVO, not Volso. Of course.
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