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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Burried on a warning label

A lot of times, we stop paying attention to warning labels. Too often, they seem to be written by Captain Obvious, stating things that anyone with any common sense would known not to do. Like the infamous story about the warning "Caution: Harmful or fatal if swallowed," on a hammer. But sometimes there's a truly bloodcurdling danger that is not remotely obvious. I ran across a cautionary tale on the Grassroots Motorsports forum, and I wanted to pass it along to my readers.

Don't weld any parts you have just cleaned with brake cleaner. Read the whole story and find out what can happen if you do this.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Latest Dart update

Yes, I was doing a bit of work last week, but it was fairly boring. At the end of this week, I have the bracket to hold up the turbo almost finished. It's all welded together and drilled to fit the water pump and power steering pump bolts. Just need to drill it for the turbo flange itself, and maybe a bit of trimming, and it's done. Well, and paint it with some high temperature grill paint. Pictures should be up next week when that's done.


Friday, July 03, 2009


Cardboard bracketry

So two weeks ago, I said I'd try to get a Dart update out weekly. Predictably, the week after, I didn't find time to work on it. This week, I started to do a bit of drilling to get my partially made bracket to fit, but realized it would set me back a lot if the holes were in the wrong spots. So I've created a cardboard mock up of the three pieces that currently make up the bracket, and I'll soon be adding a couple of additional sections. This way I can try out the bracket before I do any more welding or drilling to it.


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