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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Some semblance of progress

Well, I have been making some progress on the Dart, too. I'm going to replace the water neck with one off an '80s era 318. This one exits horizontally and has the same size thermostat and mounting pattern as a slant six. The '78 and earlier water necks don't, so beware. You can spot the one that fits a slant because it's made of sheet metal - earlier ones were cast.

The intercooler is in place, as is the transmission cooler (strapped to the radiator). But I have to deal with a few things left to get the plumbing in place - there's no radiator hoses, and the intercooler hoses are incomplete. I also need to figure out what I'm doing for a fan. There's only two inches between the radiator and the water pump pulley. I may try a Taurus fan, but not the second gen one I have - instead, I'd use the dual fan setup from a third generation Taurus. Those things are really thin.



Been a while since I've updated this...

And a lot has happened. The one I'll mention here is that I've sold the CX500, Windjammer and all. Kind of a bittersweet feeling to see your first bike go, but at least I've got a new bike that's held up much better so far.


Saturday, February 10, 2007


Progress on the radiator installation

I wasn't feeling too well today, but I did make some progress on the Dart's radiator (before discovering that I really wasn't feeling too well this morning). I've thrown out my previous idea about mounting brackets, and just had some tabs welded onto the radiator, then drilled holes to match the Dart's mounting hole locations. This keeps the radiator a lot more secure than that bracketry I had been monkeying around with. Now, to get the hoses dealt with...


Monday, February 05, 2007


This frightens me. In a good way.

What's made from aluminum, has four overhead camshafts, displaces 1100 cubic inches, was built over 60 years ago, and doesn't really fit under the hood of a 1970 Mustang?
Find out here, with pictures.

The original link seems to be dead - I'm now linking to the blog where I found it.


Sunday, February 04, 2007



It may be a bit too early to tell for certain, but it looks like Chevrolet may be in the running for the Super Bowl ad that says the worst thing about their own product with their HHR spot. In this ad, a woman drives an HHR through a busy street, only to have a bunch of squeegie guys approach her car and start scrubbing it. Now, squeegie guys are bad enough as it is. Only they're stripped down to their underwear this time.

I'm not entirely sure what General Motors was trying to say with this ad. But the message certainly looked like "Hey ladies - drive this car and you'll get all sorts of creepy perverts stalking you!"

I've got to wonder if the same person who approved that ad signed off on the drawings for the Pontiac Aztec.


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