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Saturday, March 14, 2009


The WheelSkins steering wheel cover


A while ago, I mentioned I'd ordered a WheelSkins steering wheel cover. Here are some pictures from installing it. Their directions really underestimated how long it would take, thanks largely to a waxed string that wanted to tie itself in knots. It took me three hours to get this sewn on to the wheel. But the results are pretty good - only the way it wraps around the spokes and the riceboy-red inserts give it away that it wasn't a factory item. And it definitely feels a lot better than the worn out factory wheel (chunks of plastic were coming off the top) or the cheap slip on cover I had been using. Note that I'm wearing gloves to install it in the top photo - that thread is murderous on your hands!

The mod on deck is a lighting upgrade kit from Dan Stern Lighting - I'm going to see if I can give the Civic some more lighting power without using HID lights. While HID conversions are the rage in some circles, to get a HID upgrade that actually puts light where you need it instead of throwing out light in semi-random directions is pretty expensive, usually involving grafting factory lights off an Acura of one sort or another into stock housings. I just want more useful light, not gratuitous technology here.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


There is no kill like overkill.

An interesting link I found at the BangShift forums. Taking a Trailblazer DOHC inline six and putting it into a rail dragster is unusual enough. But add a very large centrifugal blower, an air to water intercooler, and twin turbos, and you get something truly over the top. It doesn't say how much boost it's running, but I'm a little surprised the stock ignition system can keep up. (Edited to add - "dieselgeek" has reminded me to take a closer look at the coils. They're actually a set of high powered aftermarket coils that just aren't all that flashy.)


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