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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Burried on a warning label

A lot of times, we stop paying attention to warning labels. Too often, they seem to be written by Captain Obvious, stating things that anyone with any common sense would known not to do. Like the infamous story about the warning "Caution: Harmful or fatal if swallowed," on a hammer. But sometimes there's a truly bloodcurdling danger that is not remotely obvious. I ran across a cautionary tale on the Grassroots Motorsports forum, and I wanted to pass it along to my readers.

Don't weld any parts you have just cleaned with brake cleaner. Read the whole story and find out what can happen if you do this.

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Yep, absolutely. This is also why never to get brake cleaner into the intake tract, whether deliberately by trying to substitute it for carb cleaner or inadvertently by its being sucked into the air intake of a running engine. Same goes for A/C refrigerants.
It's amazing the things people can get their hands on without having any clue what can happen in common situations. Kind of like cleaning crews mixing bleach and amonia thinking that the result will just be a super-cleaner.
This is in the same vain as "Don't clean your alternator with petrol, and then start your car 10 minutes later".

Instant under bonnet fire.

Although, of course, there is no warning label to that effect on the alternator....
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