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Friday, September 01, 2006


More progress - it moves under its own power now.

Today I chased the threads out on the throttle body with a tap and put in a socket head screw in there to give me some idle adjustment. Cranked it up and got it to idle at a steady 800 RPM in Park and 500 when it's in Drive. So I backed it out of the garage under its own power.

Now, as this car has been sitting in my yard for quite some time, it was absolutely filthy. So I went and washed it. I'd been looking forward to doing that for a long time. Here's a few pictures.

Unfortunately, it's not quite ready to take on the road yet. My oxygen sensor doesn't seem to be working, and I will definitely want that to tune it.


That is good news! I have been watching for a while now. I would bet that you are pretty happy!
Awesome! Megasquirt + turbo, nice work.
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