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Saturday, October 21, 2006


The Dart's back home.

I went to Mighty Muffler today to pick up the Dart. They put the Dart up on a lift so I could check it out, and sure enough, they'd done a good job of keeping the exhaust away from the fuel lines. They reused the old turbo flange, but I can't fault them for that - those are next to impossible to find these days. All in all, it looks like they did a pretty good job building the exhaust system. They even threw in a long, polished 3" tip - a bit noticable but not obnoxious. (In fact, a 3" square tip was standard with the high output version of the 273 inch V8, back in 1966.)

Unfortunately, I had a really tough time getting it started. Wound up flooding the motor and draining the battery a bit. After putting it on a jump start, though, I was able to get it to crank up and run a bit badly. But once it warmed up, the engine smoothed out and ran fairly well. Looks like I'll need to do a bit of work getting the warmup enrichment settings straightened out.

I also noticed that the belts were making a bit of noise. May have been that the belts are suffering the same problems as the tires after sitting so long. Of course, the belts on it are nine years old. Probably time to replace them.


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