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Monday, July 31, 2006


Plumbed the Dart's vacuum lines

Well, I hooked up the vacuum lines for the Turbo Dart today. This was pretty simple - the only things that use vacuum are the Megasquirt, the boost gauge, and the fuel pressure regulator. I should plumb in a compressor bypass valve, too, but that'll probably wait until I get the intercooler in place and plumbed up.

The only really tricky thing was sometimes finding the right lines. The vacuum port I have is 3/8", the boost gauge uses 1/8" hard line, and the remaining two ports were 3/16". I finally made some adapters with parts from Ace Hardware.

Not much wrenching left before I can turn the key and try to crank it up! Mostly, I just have to get a little wiring done.


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