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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Progress with the fuel lines

Today I finally completed the underhood portion of the Dart's fuel lines. Here is a picture of the -6 AN hoses as they pass over the valve cover and onto the inner fender. Note the conduit clamps holding the hose in place at each end. Show car fans may not like this method, but it's cheap and works well.

Next, I have to run the fuel lines back to the rear of the car where I will have to mount the Ford F-150 high pressure fuel pump and plumb in a surge tank. My plans for the surge tank are a little bit unusual and I plan on using a couple check valves. I'll probably have to order some of the parts from McMaster-Carr. They're a pretty popular source for unusual parts like that. I also plan on ordering a metal fire extinguisher bracket from them. I've been getting a little nervous about the plastic mounting bracket I had on the fire extingusher that I kept under the Dart's dash, and McMaster's prices on metal mounting brackets are a lot less expensive than many racing shops.

Yeah, I know APC has a chrome-plated fire extinguisher with a metal bracket that isn't too expensive. It's also BC rated, meaning that it is designed to handle handle small gasoline fires or electrical fires, but not burning upholstery. What use is that unless you have a race car with a gutted interior?


Great stuff. If the APC you're mentioning with respect to fire extinguishers and brackets is this one, approach all of their products with extreme prejudice and caution. They have been busted numerous times (but not nearly often enough) by the US DOT for knowingly selling grossly noncompliant, unsafe lighting equipment for a wide range of vehicles. They treat such busts and fines as a form of advertising expenditure and carry right on selling illegal, dangerous stuff. Despite the first word in their name, most of their stuff is badly made in China. Remember, you cannot spell "crap" without A-P-C.

On the other hand, if it's a different APC, never mind.
Yep, Dan, that's the one. The only good thing I can say about APC products is that their stickers are good at lulling racers into a false sense of security.
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