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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Removing the fuel tank from a Dodge Dart

I decided that, no matter where I put the return line, I ought to remove the Dart's gas tank and clean it out. Removing the tank on a '66 model is not particularly difficult. Normally, the first step is to syphon the gas out, but I only had a few gallons in there, so I decided I would support it with a jack instead. Don't do that unless you know the tank is nearly empty.

The fuel filler tube is located in the trunk.After unscrewing its mounts, the tube comes out with just a little wiggling and twisting.

The first step is to disconnect the lines to the tank and the fill tube. The fill tube simply has eight screws holding it in place: Three around the gas cap, and five in the trunk floor. And there's also its vapor line that you have to disconnect. Once those are out of the way, you just need to twist and wiggle the tube out of its grommet. The only other two things you will need to remove are the fuel line and the fuel sender wire located at the front of the tank.

Just one bolt holds the tank in.Supporting the tank with a jack.

The only thing holding the tank in place is a single strap, secured by a bolt on the right hand side. Undo that bolt, and if there's a little gas in there, support the tank with a floor jack. Might help to put a piece of wood between the tank and the jack. Once you have the bolt out, lower the tank to the floor.

The sending unit comes out if you grab the retaining ring with a locking pliers and give it a counterclockwise turn. Once you've got all that done, it's time to clean the tank. I just used soap and water, along with a little rubbing alchohol.

And it's out.


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