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Saturday, January 28, 2006


What's left to do on the Dart?

Next step will be to find a way to mount the surge tank between the low pressure pump and the high pressure one. The surge tank has to be mounted higher than the pump so that fuel will siphon into the pump rather than being driven by pressure. Maybe I should make a list of how many things to do before the Dart can actually run. I'll divide it up into categories.

Fuel system:

  1. Install surge tank.
  2. Run lines from low pressure pump to the surge tank and the surge tank to the high pressure pump.
  3. Install return line.

Electrical system:
  1. Fix the problem connections under the dash.
  2. Wire up the fuel pumps.
  3. Run the main wire to the battery positive terminal.
  4. Put the new battery in place.

Intake system:
  1. Fabricate a throttle linkage for the modular motor throttle body.
  2. Find a place to install the air intake temperature sensor.
  3. Route the vacuum / boost lines.

It's hard to believe I'm that close to having it running - or rather, assembled enough that it'll just need tuning to run. Of course, once it runs, I plan to add computerized spark control, an electric cooling fan, and an intercooler - but at least they're small incremental changes made to a running car. Then it'll be off to Atlanta Chassis Dyno to have it tuned. And when that comes, I'll be sure to let you know just how much horsepower a slant six can make with a homemade turbo and fuel injection!


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