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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Turbo slant six throttle linkage, Part 1

Today I decided to tackle the Dart's throttle linkage. First thing I did was figure out where to attach it. The most convenient spot seemed to be the bolts that hold the throttle body to the adapter, so I went about making a bracket from aluminum angle extrusions. They're available at most hardware stores and easy to cut with a hacksaw.

Then I found that my throttle cable - menat for a slant six Diplomat - was a bit short. Plus, its end design was not a good match for the Crown Vic throttle body. So I hit the parts stores to see if I could turn up anything of interest. After looking at a few pieces that would need to be special ordered, I finally decided that if I were going to special order a throttle cable, I'd make it a Lokar piece. They're a bit expensive and a little flashier than what I would normally order. And the last time I ordered one of their cables - for the Dart's kickdown linkage when I found the F-body Super Six linkage didn't fit right - I was upset to find out that it needed fabrication when the ad didn't mention it. But now I'm expecting to do a bunch of fabrication, and Lokar cables are pretty easy to cut to length. I'll have some pictures when the cable arrives.


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