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Thursday, August 31, 2006


The Dart runs!

Well, after replacing the spark plugs and fuel pressure regulator, I again tried to crank up the turbo slant six. This time, it coughed, backfired, and reved up to around 600 RPM before dying.

I decided to hotwire the fuel pump and see what kind of fuel pressure I was getting. 20 psi. No wonder it wouldn't run. I turned the adjuster all the way in and brought the pressure up to 41. Then it would crank but I had to keep my foot down to keep it running.

So I tried to move the idle adjustment screw. It wasn't easy - there are no slots on the screw, as Ford didn't want owners messing with it - so I went out and bought a new M5 screw. Much to my surprise, the threads were sort of locking - I actually broke the screw. And so now I've got a turbocharged, injected slant six that idles at 2000 RPM.

So tomorrow I'll clean up those threads with a tap and get the idle adjusted. I don't seem to be getting a good reading from the oxygen sensor, so I'm going to have to examine that. But other than what may be a broken wideband oxygen sensor, all I've got left to do is tuning and little adjustments.



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