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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Exhaust(ing) Manifold

Well, I managed to get the manifolds back on the Dart tonight. There was a bit of a hang-up: The flange on the Clifford intake manifold fit so snuggly against the flange on the exhaust manifold that they often managed to get wedged together, usually with the holes lined up in such a way that there was no way they'd slip over the studs. I finally took a grinder and took a little bit off the sides of the flange on the intake manifold in a few spots. Now they're sitting on the engine, finally.

Also, the new clutch slave cylinder for the Spitfire arrived yesterday. Hopefully this'll get it back on the road. It's been a tough car to own, as I found shortly after buying it that it needed a new wiring harness. I won't soon forget running across the parking lot, grabbing an industrial sized fire extinguisher, and putting out the burning high beam switch. Then once I got enough of a new wiring harness in place to crank up the engine, I found that the fluid had leaked out of the clutch. I hadn't been looking for another project car, but I wound up with one anyway.


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