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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Hunting the elusive resets

Today I spent a bit of time trying to see what I could do about the resets. I respliced one wire that looked like it may have been a little loose, moved the ground from the alternator to the engine block, and installed an inline noise filter on the Megasquirt's power wire to make sure it's getting a clean signal. I also put a capacitor on the main relay, from the switched power source to the ground. The idea behind that is to damp out any "gaps" that may exist in the ignition switch between the Start and Run position.

Looks like I've cured much, but not all, of the resetting. Now it only resets when I turn the key from Run to Start, instead of resetting while cranking. And it doesn't do that all the time either.

But the Dart still doesn't run. I took a look a spark plug to see if there were any traces of gasoline. While the plug smelled like gas, it had a thick layer of soot on it - no doubt left over from the time I was trying to make it work with a carburetor. I'll try changing the plugs tomorrow. And I've posted on the Megasquirt Forum to see if anyone there knows what it might be.


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