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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


New tires for the Dart

So driving the Dart before I could fully get it tuned in rush hour traffic might not have been the best idea. But I also didn't want to face the chance of blowing a tire driving it around tuning it, as I've dealt with dry-rotted tires and I know firsthand just how dangerous they are.

When I first got my Dart, the previous owner had parked it for years and used it for a storage shed. The tires looked all right, at least to me as a teenager. But the first time I took it on an long Interstate trip, I had a front tire self-destruct, with the sidewall ripping itself apart in several places. I could get several fingers into a couple of the gashes. The guy at the tire shop said it was one of the worst blowouts he'd ever seen. Not an experience I'd care to repeat.

The Dart made it to the local tire shop without blowing any of the tires, at least. The temporary intake piping blew out (well, actually, it just needed re-clamping), so I'm putting an intercooler in there as soon as I can get all the parts I need together and plumbing it up with quality parts.

The tires I'm getting are Dunlop Direzzas; not quite the equivalent of Hoosier autocross tires, but they still ought to have some reasonable grip. The mechanic at the tire shop was a bit surprised when I ordered 225/50R16 tires for a Dart. He'll probably be even more surprised if he opens the hood. Which he may not be able to pass up after finding it's got a boost gauge in there.



I admire (and bow to) your car expertise. I'm lucky that I can pump gas and add more windshield wiper fluid.
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