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Monday, October 02, 2006


Got the Dart's HEI working!

John VonSickle's Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches mentions that you're really writing bad science fiction if "'Reversing the polarity' is the solution to virtually every engineering problem." Well, in that case, my effort at troubleshooting the Dart's HEI ignition setup must read somewhat like a bad Star Trek episode, because that was exactly what was wrong with it. After a couple times of fruitlessly trying to crank it over, I decided to see if maybe I'd gotten the connector that attaches the distributor's VR sensor to the HEI module upside down. Sure enough, when I flipped the connector over, the Dart cranked right up on the first try!

Unfortunately, I am still having troubles with the LC-1 wideband controller. Both outputs are reading fully rich, the calibration LED won't come on, and the computer won't connect to it. Stay tuned and we'll see if I can solve this mystery.


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