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Saturday, March 01, 2008


So, what does it take to remove a Bose stereo?

I replaced the head unit in the 1986 Corvette using a Metra adapter kit, which got my CD player to look, if not like a factory installation, at least like what a decent car audio place would do. I also wired up a set of Sony Xplod 5 1/4" speakers and got them to fit behind the front speaker grilles. Right now the rear speakers are disconnected - I have a set of cheap 6 x 9 ovals I'll later add for rear fill.

It seems there are a couple myths about what it takes to replace a Bose system. You don't have to rewire the car. You also don't have to take the door panels off - something I only found out after I'd removed one and found it didn't help. I was trying to remove the Bose amps from the door. That would require completely disassembling the door. So I found that instead, you can reach into the Bose speaker box and cut the wires to the amp, then grab the stereo wires there. Makes things a lot easier. Now I just have to deal with some of the aftermath about taking the door panel apart - it's not as easy to get it back together.


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