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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Do cars get jealous?

Sometimes, you have to wonder if one of the cars you have is jealous of the time and money you're spending on another. No sooner do I start work on the Dart than the Focus goes and gets a flat tire on me. Totally flat. Instead of a slow leak, a nail caused it to go so flat that it wore through the sidewall. I had to replace the tire instead of having it patched. Bad Focus! If it had behaved itself, I would have treated it to a set of Konis once I'm done with the Dart's engine mods.

Today I also dropped a set of used injectors off at Atlanta Chassis Dyno to have them cleaned and flow tested. Got them off Ebay from someone who pulled them out of an Mk III Supra Turbo. I figure if they'll support a Toyota boosted inline six well, they should also work on a boosted Mopar. They're supposed to flow around 450 cc per minute. I'll see how accurate that is, since they're flow testing them as well as cleaning them.

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