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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Welcome to my blog!

Hello, welcome to the my lair! I am Matthew Cramer, and I'll be using this blog mostly to talk about my various adventures in the world of cars and car mods. Right now I have a '66 Dodge Dart, a '79 Triumph Spitfire, and a 2000 Ford Focus. Since it seems just about everyone with a blog has something to say about current events, religion, and politics, you may see me write a few rants on those here. But mostly I plan to write about cars. If you're a car enthusiast, I hope you may find some useful information here, even if the most useful thing is seeing that I've wasted a lot of time and money with some of my projects. Somebody has to learn from my mistakes. I'm just going to make new ones.

Matt, I'm Ed Williams, we posted together on AW for a good while. Your blog is great, and I wanted to tell you something. I always liked your posts and you're a fellow Georgian (I'm from Macon), so I want you to come check out my new writer's forum. URL is:


Come post with us sometimes, I'd love to see you!
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