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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Fuel line arrived today!

In contrast to the jury rigged air intake, I'm taking no chances with my fuel lines. I just had a box arrive from Summit full of new 3/8" aluminum tubes, -6 AN hose, and a bunch of fittings. I may still need a little bit of rubber in a few spots where I have to keep the original 5/16" line. But I'm going to build this fuel system to the letter of the NHRA rule book. Or I would if I had a copy of the rule book. But it's going to be all hard line and braided hose whenever possible.

I do wish I could have avoided making such a flashy-looking fuel system, though. If there's one thing I am trying to avoid on the Dart, it's mods that scream, "Hey, look! This here's a mod!" And gleaming stainless steel hoses with red and blue anodized fittings are a little too blatant for my taste. It's too bad the standard color isn't something more basic and unobtrusive. I guess I'll just have to sing about how I feel - with apologies to Mick Jagger.

I see some fittings and I want them painted black
No fancy finishes I want it to look stock
I see rice boys drive by shining their neon glows
I have to shake my head until the bling-bling goes

Yes, I know that some AN fittings come in nickle and black. Just not a couple of the fittings I wanted.


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