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Monday, December 05, 2005


A reader's concern

A gentleman named Tom Stark emailed a couple concerns to me:

Interesting web site. I would like to make one comment. I have
only looked at your site for a couple minutes, and read:
“the inlet uses a
3/8"-24 bolt thread. Ford dealers won't sell the fitting that screws in there
apart from a $200 fuel line”
Don’t forget places like “Russell’s” and
“Earl’s” for unusual fittings. Personally, I would not like something
“soldered” together. Too much vibration and such to trust that. I am
sure someone makes the fitting you need.

I appreciate his concern, and would like to make it clear to my readers that when I made a fitting to adapt my Ford truck fuel pump to my fuel lines, I did joined the pipe cap to the threaded bolt mechanically by drilling and tapping the end of the pipe cap for 3/8"-24 threads. The solder is being used only to seal out leaks. Unfortunately I have not found an off the shelf fitting designed to connect this thread to tubing or -6 AN hose, even after searching several fitting websites. I did find that the 3/8"-24 thread appears on -3 AN hose, so it may be possible to use a -3 flare to -6 flare fitting to stick an AN hose on this pump directly. You'd probably want to use a copper washer on the -3 side (another suggestion made by Tom) to seal it.

BTW, Tom has a Corvair with some pretty creative mods that you might want to check out.


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