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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Tech Tidbits are now organized!

Since this blog covers a wide variety of stuff about cars, from advice for beginners and non-enthusiasts all the way up to building your own fuel injection, I thought I'd organize my links in the Tech Tidbits section. Here are what the categories cover.

Maintenance is a collection of tips about basic repairs and maintenance. I will try not to intimidate anyone with complex technobabble here. Experienced car guys may already know these, anyway, but I hope that people who just want to keep their cars on the road will find these useful. I have also included tips about tools in this section.

Mythology is where I tackle the car world of urban myths and popular misconceptions about cars.

Mileage is relatively self-explanatory. If you want to burn less gas, take a look at these. Some are rather in-depth, while others may be a bit more easy to read.

Modification is all about making major changes to how your car works - along with some details about the minor steps involved. Much of these currently revolve around Megasquirt and other tips for do it yourself electronic fuel injection. If I run across any interesting discoveries that other hot rodders may find useful, I'll also put those here.

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