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Saturday, January 14, 2006


News flash - bolt on supercharger for the slant six!

Forced induction can easily give the slant six the power of a V8. Unfortunately, the only bolt on forced induction that has been available for the slant was nitrous. If you wanted a turbo or supercharger, that meant custom fabrication, such as this Eaton blower on "Big Red" or the turbo project I've been documenting on this blog.

Well, now, the folks at The Supercharger Store put in an appearance at the Slant Six message board and announced a bolt-on supercharger kit for the slant six. This kit uses an ATI Procharger, a compact centrifugal blower. Right now The Supercharger Store doesn't have much about this on its own site, but they promise to have pictures up by next week.

This may make pressurized slant six buildups a lot more common now that you can just get everything you need by mail order.

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