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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Collector Car Trader Online problems

Today, I am extremely displeased with Collector Car Trader Online. I had put up an ad there for my '79 Triumph Spitfire a few months ago. They asked if I wanted automatic renewal. I agreed, figuring they would keep it up until it sells. I thought the renewal would be for one month only, but it kept showing up on my credit card statement. When I sold my Spitfire, I was going to take the ad down. But when I checked, the ad wasn't there. Ok, I guess they'd canceled it.

Then my credit card statement arrived today. And there it was, $40.50 from Collector Car Trader Online! I checked, and sure enough, there is not any ad on their site for a 1979 Triumph Spitfire for sale in the state of Georgia. They are still charging me even though my ad appears nowhere on their website! I tried to give them a call tonight, but their office was already closed. I will have to give them a call tomorrow during work hours. You can bet I'll be demanding a refund, and I'm going to start by demanding they refund not just the last month, but every cent I've paid them.

To say I am displeased with TraderOnline is an understatement.

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