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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Covington Car Show

The Southern Cruisers hold a car show at Covington Square on the first Saturday of the month in the spring, summer, and fall. My wife and I went to see this one, stopping in at A Touch of Country for Hazard County Floats (that's orange sherbet in Sprite). Here are some pictures we took.

A nice old Pacard and its interior

This street rod towed a Coke stand on a trailer.

A rare Chevelle Laguna S3.

This VW had been converted into a jacked-up off roader with Chevy power. Easily the strangest car at the show.

An Aspen R/T, another '70s rarity.

That big nitrous bottle on that Camaro sure looks impressive...

...but we couldn't find any sign of a nitrous system under the hood. A work in progress, some sort of perverse sleeper with a hidden system, a poser, or an April Fools' Day joke? You decide.

A rat rod with classic Olds power.

And some other noteworthy cars that showed up.

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