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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Your questions, answered!

Through the magic of SiteMeter and Tracksy, I can sometimes see what people who visit my site have been typed into search engines to get here. And sometimes I can tell I really didn't answer their questions here on this blog. So, I'm starting a new feature. At the end of the month, I'll go through my referral logs and see what people who visit my site have been searching for, and I'll answer some of the more interesting - or useful - questions that I find in the logs. Here are some questions, based on what you, the readers, have typed into search engines.

I want to put a wing on my car. Do I have to weld it on?

No. While some OEM wings, such as the one on the Plymouth Superbird, attach to hard points welded to the subframe, virtually all aftermarket wings are designed to bolt in place. Some even attach to the mounting holes already drilled for a factory wing or spoiler.

How do I remove a slant six intake manifold?

It's easiest to remove the intake and exhaust manifold in one operation. Once you unbolt the exhaust headpipe (two bolts, or studs, depending on the year) and the carburetor (two to four bolts), you just have to deal with the set of bolts holding the manifold assembly to the cylinder head. All but one of them are straightforward. Unfortunately, there is one hidden under the choke pocket that is notoriously hard to reach or even see. Most of the time, if the manifolds don't come off with a firm pull, it's because of that one ellusive nut. Note that re-installing it usually requires loosening the three bolts that hold the two manifolds together, but you don't need to deal with these to remove the assembly.

Is it possible to use windshield washer fluid as a fuel?

Not directly; it's typically about 95% water. There is a substantial bit of methanol in it, but separating it is going to be a pain. And it's an absurdly expensive way to get a fuel, as it works out to over twenty bucks for a gallon of pure methanol even if you can separate it without paying anything.

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