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Friday, May 12, 2006


About that fuel pump...

A reader of my blog, Jonny Yugo, wonders:
what is your plan to stop the HP fuel pump from over heating? HP fuel pumps use the fuel to keep them cool. You may wont to add an oil cool to the low side of the pump to help keep the pump cool.

Many of the high pressure pumps are pretty reliant on the fuel for cooling, it's true. Many of them are designed to run in the gas tank for that very reason. However, the Carter pump that I am using (original equipment on late '80s Ford F-series trucks) is apparently designed to run wrapped in sound insulation, with no external fuel cooler. That's how they are set up in the original application. Either they tolerate higher temperatures than an in-tank pump, or the fuel lines provide adequate cooling. Haven't heard too many reports on the Megasquirt forum of this pump failing in use from overheating. I'll let you know if I encounter any issues with it.


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