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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Barbara Bauer update

Never try to get rid of starfish by cutting them in half. Never try to get rid of bombs by putting them in a garbage compactor. And never try to get rid of unwanted information about you on the Internet by disrupting a forum full of bloggers.

When I made my last post about Barbara Bauer, maybe a half-dozen blogs had something about the emerging scandal. Now there are over a hundred bloggers talking about Barbara Bauer. In fact, posts about her, and searches about her, have been second only to searches about American Idol and its winners today - and given that they announced the winner yesterday, that's really saying something. The phenomenon has attracted the attention of blogs that cover trends in the blogosphere, such as BlogPulse, who has the Barbara Bauer blog explosion story on their front page. And posts about her keep on coming. Chances are that we'll see people on message boards signing their posts with "Barbara Bauer is one of Writer Beware's Twenty Worst Literary Agents!" just like Marcus Cato ended all his speaches with "Carthago delenda est."

The main search engines haven't found this yet, only the specialized blog search engines. But when Google, MSN, and Yahoo's crawlers pick this up, just watch what happens to search results for Barbara Bauer. She's sitting on a ticking Googlebomb now.

One interesting aside: Absolute Write's hosting company announced they were launching a competing website for writers a mere day before they pulled the plug on AW. Very bad timing there. Somehow I doubt it is going to attract the online writing community at all.


Very funny
Hi MadScientist, nice finding you on a blogger search! Ray for the power of search engines!

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