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Friday, May 26, 2006


Bauergate continues

Notice the button on the right of the page? It links to where you can support Jenna and Absolute Write by buying a copy of Jenna's latest book, The Street-Smart Writer, about avoiding various scams, rip-offs, and things that just plain won't help a writer's career, like, well, Barbara Bauer. This button was introduced on MacAlister Stone's blog:

Stones In the Field: Buttons and Codes

Thanks to Matt Dinniman, who created the button.

Also, someone has rolled out a new website, 20worstagents.com, and look who gets the big animated GIF.

Technorati Tag: BarbaraBauer

I think you're having some issues - viewing in Firefox I see this is triple posted and no visible button. Hope it works out soon!
Thanks for catching that. Should be fixed now.
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