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Friday, May 12, 2006


Be your own aftermarket parts supplier

Looks like I may have a new project coming up. On the Slantsix.org forums, some people were talking about how much they wished they could get polyurethane motor mounts for '62-'66 slant six A-bodies. Currently, the only option if you need motor mounts is to go with a set of cheaply made, imported rubber ones.

Well, I've worked with a variety of contract manufacturers before, and a motor mount is pretty simple. So I decided to look into having a small batch of motor mounts made to order. Right now I'm still talking with slant six owners, looking to see if they want something close to stock or a more complicated kit to adapt a different style of mount. It may seem a bit crazy to try and get your own aftermarket parts, but this is likely to be more straightforward than the time I had a fuel rail made for the Dart. If this succeeds, I may also get a batch made for later slant six A-bodies.

Stay tuned.

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