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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Dart throttle linkage

Got the throttle linkage on the Dart installed today. The cable I had been using for a Super Six couldn't really reach it, so as I noted earlier, I used a Lokar Hi-Tech braided steel cable and mounted it to the throttle body with a homemade aluminum bracket. Well, it's now in the car, and it works. Had to trim the throttle cable a bit; it cuts just like an AN braided hose. Which is not easy...

Those of you familiar with '66 A-bodies may wonder what's at the other end, as the early A-bodies used a gas pedal that attaches to a rod linkage and is not suitable for a cable. I merely swapped in a pedal from an Aspen. The brake pedal cover from that Aspen fit over the Dart's stock brake pedal, so the pedals look like a matched set.

And yes, I know, I need to find that missing fourth bolt on the throttle body. But at least the cable is on there now and working.


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