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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Dart update: Fuel return line

I've resumed working on the Dart today. Lifted it onto a set of four jackstands and took a look at the problem of the fuel return line and the surge tank. I think I've picked out a suitable space for the main fuel filter / surge tank. The surge tank needs a place where it won't be likely to hit the ground, and ideally should be mounted above the secondary fuel pump. While the Dart has a large, high, open space between the gas tank and rear seat, when it hits a bump, that space gets occupied by the rear axle. So that's out. I finally found a promising spot behind the gas tank, inboard of the rear subframe rails. It's not quite as high as I wish I could mount the tank, but at least filter changes will be a breeze. I will need to fab up some brackets to put it there.

I also routed the return line from the fuel rail. I had originally planned to return it to the surge tank, but with the surge tank being located so far rearward, I've decided to use separate returns for the surge tank and fuel rail. This is a somewhat simpler system, and obviates the need for the check valve that the original plan required. The fuel return line pretty much follows the same routing as the original fuel line. I suppose I could have even used the original fuel line, or what remains of it. The next step will be to remove the fuel sending unit so I can attach a fitting for connecting the return line. Stay tuned.


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