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Friday, May 26, 2006


More details emerge on Barbara Bauer

Teresa Nielsen Hayden's post was one of the earilest and most circulated on the Barbara Bauer scandal, and its comment trail is probably one of the best places to find news on the subject. One of the more interesting things to pop up is that the company that dropped Absolute Write has posted their side of the story, and while it is rather hard to follow, they repeat the claim that they pulled Absolute Write in response to complaints from Barbara Bauer.

Some people following the incedent, such as Lisa Spangenberg, are involved with IT themselves, and had some very uncomplimentary things to say about how JC Hosting's screed appears highly unprofessional, and to reflect poorly on their business practices. It's also worth noting that so far all accounts - TNH's blog, some of the stuff I saw on AW shortly before it crashed, and the hosting service's comments - agree that Barbara Bauer did, indeed, send a message to the hosting service and request them to pull the plug, and the hosting service complied with the request. So far, no comment has surfaced from Barbara Bauer herself - although just for giggles, I just might email her and ask. That email address that she didn't want posted on Absolute Write is available on her website.

In the meantime, moderator Roger J. Carlson has set up his forum for members of Absolute Write to use until they get the regular forum back up and running.

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