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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Bad work habbits

I've decided to go entirely with -6 AN braided lines for the rear plumbing between the fuel pumps and the surge tank. Made a start at working on this tonight. Unfortunately, a bad work habbit I had picked up while working on the car in the carport has caught up to me.

There aren't many weather-resistant storage areas in a carport, only the car itself. So I'd taken to letting tools and parts simply pile up on the floor of the car. The result is that it has now become almost impossible to find many key tools and supplies, especially now that things got jumbled around when I towed it. Tomorrow's project will be getting all of those loose items out and either thrown away or organized neatly into the cabinets, pegboards, and tool boxes occupying the garage. As it is, there could be a stray racoon hiding in the car and I'd never notice. I had several items that I just couldn't find.

This disorganization has really been holding me back and creating unnecessary delays. I've decided that I need drastic, possibly even foolhardy, action to combat this menace: I have requested to my wife that she nag me if I do not get this done tomorrow.

Desperate problems call for desperate measures, after all.

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