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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Forced induction mini-truck roundup

After that last post, I decided just for fun to track down a method of putting forced induction on at least one mini-truck from every major manufacturer that sold minitrucks in the United States. I'm afraid I don't have many details on most of these, but this may get you a few ideas.

  1. Many Nissan Hardbody trucks used the same KE24E motor as in the '89-90 240SX. You can adapt one a turbo kit meant for a 240.
  2. Toyota built a handful of their trucks from '85-'87 with the 22RTE turbo motor. TRD makes a supercharger kit for some of their later Tacomas, too.
  3. It's possible, as I mentioned before, to put a Mitsubishi 4G63 motor into a Mighty Max or a Dodge Ram D50.
  4. Some Dodge Dakotas came with the Chrysler 2.5. It's possible to put a 2.2/2.5 Turbo from a K-car into one of these. Note that some others came with the AMC/Jeep 2.5, and you can't swap those.
  5. You can swap the old 2.3 straight four in '80s and '90s Ford Rangers for the 2.3 Turbo used RWD Ford performance cars.
  6. On '80s era Mazdas, you can swap in a F2T motor from a Probe or MX-6. Or go with a turbo FE3 - while this motor wasn't turbocharged from the factory, evidently the F2T's turbo hardware bolts on.
  7. With Chevy, GMC, and late model Isuzu minitrucks, there's an off the shelf supercharger kit.
  8. There's a number of supercharger kits out there for the Jeep 4.0 inline six. One made for a Cherokee ought to fit their Comanche pickup.

I've also heard of turbo versions of the car-based pickups - VW trucks with a 1.8 Turbo, force-fed Dodge Rampages, even El Caminos with Grand National power.

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