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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Handlebar swap

I've got the new handlebars on. Put on a set of dirt bike gel grips while I was at it. The grips fit just fine, and they seem pretty comfortable. They even have the sort of look I want to get for the bike by the time it's done. The only problem is that the bars aren't exactly made to work with the Windjammer; it doesn't look like I can turn them to full lock. The brake and clutch levers hit the fairing.

The Emgo fairing will take a while longer to install. I'll have to fab up some brackets out of aluminum, and do something about the wiring. It's a real rat's nest of splices right now.

Thanks to LoDownSinner at the Beginner Bikers forum for helping me figure out why the throttle wouldn't turn on the new handlebars.


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