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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

I had been using Summit AN fittings on my Dart, but I found earlier this week that I needed a few more that I hadn't ordered. Well, Summit Racing Equipment now has a store in McDonough, so I rode on over there to pick up some new fittings. They were out of the Summit house brand, so I bought some of the more expensive ones from Earl's. I'd been hoping to save a few bucks with the house brand.

Well, today I started working with these fittings, and found out they don't remotely resemble the ones I had been working with. Took a few pictures, but they came out blurry - my digita camera has trouble focusing so close. Earl's fittings are so much easier to attach to the hoses, it's amazing. I am not going to use Summit fittings on a project car ever again.

Coincedently, I ran across an article on Summit AN fittings today purely by accident. I had heard somewhere that Summit's fittings were rebadged Goodridge fittings, but it turns out they're cheap Chinese knock-offs. Had I known they were made in China, I wouldn't have cheaped out and bought them. I'm not exactly a rabbid "Buy American!" type, but I've usually found the quality of parts from Communist China to be anywhere from substandard to horrid.


Your digital camera probably has a macro function - looks like a little flower. Use that for closeups.

Also, you'll probably still need to have the camera a foot or two away from the object you're photographing. Use the zoom lens to get a tighter shot.

Hopefully that'll help. :)
Thanks, I'll give that a try.
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