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Saturday, August 26, 2006



I've managed to "fix" the problem with the Dart starting. I hadn't even heard it click, so I decided to run a jumper cable on the starter relay and see if it was sending any power to the solenoid. I put the jumper on there and ran my voltmeter to the starter. No volts. Then, suddenly, the starter turned over, knocking the jumper cable off the relay. Turns out the relay must have been sitting for a while and got stuck, but now it's unstuck.

So I booted up MegaTune and decided to try starting it. Turned the key to Start, and the starter is now working. Unfortunately, it didn't actually start - the RPM did get as high as 600, but it wouldn't catch. I will need to get Megasquirt dialed in. I may also put a capacitor on the Megasquirt relay so that it will not get interrupted by when I move the key from Run to Start, as I think the relay may be cutting out.


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