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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Finished the Dart's wiring.

Well, at least I'm pretty sure I finished it - I may find I missed something when I finally turn it on.

As it turns out, the Ford fuel pump does not use #10-32 screws on the wiring terminals. I had just assumed they would be inch threads because the inlet and outlet were inch sized. Instead, it's one of those detestable mix-ups that has metric threads and inch threads on the same component. And it has two different size threads on those wire terminals - one is an M5, the other is an M4.

I also finished re-hanging the exhaust. So now all I have to do before I power it up is to put something over the fuel lines to keep the parking brake cable from wearing into them, and get a longer section of PCV hose. Whew. I haven't yet gotten it running, but at least the finish line is coming into view.


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