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Friday, August 25, 2006


I think I've found the last of the leaks.

You've seen how much trouble those fuel leaks have given me. I guess that's what happens if I build a complete fuel system from junkyard parts and connectors that are not normally used in fuel lines. The only stock pieces of the fuel system left are the fuel tank and sending unit, and even the tank has an extra hole drilled in it.

Well, today after I took some brand new stub wrenches to some of the more inaccessible fittings (it was a royal pain to get them tightened with the ones I had), I started up the fuel pumps and found just one teeny tiny leak. It was coming from the #3 injector. So I pulled the fuel rail, and sure enough, the #3 injector had a torn O-ring. So I had to make a run to the parts store to get a new one - plus a few spares in case a few others start to leak.

I'll button it all up tomorrow (or maybe tonight) and seem if I have, indeed, tracked down the final leak.


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