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Saturday, August 26, 2006


The leaks are all gone... sort of.

It looks as though I have just managed to remove all external leaks in the Dart's fuel system. This time I remembered to put a little motor oil on the injectors' O-rings so they wouldn't get torn when I tightened down the fuel rail. After that, there was one more leak - the low pressure side of the fuel pressure regulator. I was able to tighten that one down and now I don't see any leaks.

There is one issue still remaining, though - that junkyard regulator I grabbed from a 280ZX seems to have an internal leak. It won't hold full pressure, and the pressure bleeds down once I shut down the pumps. I'll have to replace it sometime - maybe with a brand new version of the same thing, maybe with an aftermarket part from Summit. I should still be able to get it running with this issue, though. At least the gasoline is staying inside the fuel system now.


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