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Thursday, August 10, 2006


More dubious gas mileage devices tested

CNN recently teamed up with Popular Mechanics to test a bunch of devices that were supposed to increase gas mileage. The results were, again, disasterous. First up was the only time I had seen a fuel magnet actually do something. Instead of doing absolutely nothing like they usually do, this one decreased mileage by 10%, leaving the mechanics scratching their heads as to how a fuel magnet could possibly have any effect on the engine. They also tested the Tornado Fuel Saver. While a previous test had shown it to not have any effect on mileage, this time it reduced milage slightly.

Of course, the quacks argued back, and CNN saw fit to print their responses. The fuel magnet guys argued that their magnet had been installed wrong and requires proper training to install it. I wonder if they tell that to their customers. They claim their fuel magnets work if installed correctly; the EPA would beg to differ about that claim. (Note: All links in that line open PDF files in new windows.) The Tornado representative argued that the results had to be wrong because they had "100,000 satisfied customers." Presumably the satisfied customers are the ones who have not tried to test it by any rigorous methods, as it I have never seen this thing pass a carefully done lab test of any sort.


Thanks Matt -I almost bought some magnets to lump around my lines.
Someone told me that they're taking the word 'gullible' out of the dictionary, I think I'll write & complain...
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